Three Cheers for the Longhorns

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royflagWith everyone gushing ‘Bama crimson today, someone needs to stand athwart history and yell, “Stop.” At the risk of infuriating any clients partial to the SEC, Texas was still the better team last night.

First, Texas’ defense was amazing, especially when you consider that 21 of Alabama’s 37 points were either scored by the Tide’s defense or when the offense took over deep, deep inside Texas territory. No question, the Texas defense outshone Alabama’s. Second, it took Garrett Gilbert half the game to find his legs. But once he did, this freshman (!) showed how easy it was to shred Alabama’s defense.

Third, if you take away Gilbert’s most obvious mistake – the shovel pass to D.J. Monroe – then Texas would’ve been ahead by four points in the fourth quarter after Shipley’s second touchdown. At that point, the Longhorn ground game would have taken over and Gilbert never would have had the fumble-causing sack that resulted in Alabama’s penultimate touchdown.

So sorry, Nick Saban. You’re an amazing coach with a great team but you guys aren’t Number 1.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming….