Big Red on the Big Screen

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(Washington, DC) Anyone who had the luck to watch Secretariat’s Belmont win carries a remarkable memory. The late Chic Anderson could barely contain himself, yelling, “He is moving like a tremendous machine” at the 3/5 pole. So amid Washington’s dismaying tomfoolery and worse — don’t even get me started about the nuttiness of the FCC trying to apply Net neutrality to a EVDO cell tower which, even if it’s powered by a DS-1, would crash on a half-dozen Sling streams — it’s good to see that Disney will remind the world of Secretariat’s utterly astounding accomplishments.

Incidentally, for the record, my view is Big Red’s most amazing feat wasn’t at the Belmont. It was when he swooped the field on the first turn at the Preakness, going from almost dead last to first in a little more than a furlong.

Here’s a link to the Belmont: Enjoy!